We have a new friend on board with stocking Horribly Healthy goodness!
Allow us to introduce…..


We met Seb Henderson the owner at Henderson Fitness a while back, and my goodness what a nice dude!
At the age of 24 he is now running his very own successful and well equipped Semi Private Training Studio in Notting Hill. The lay out is awesome! He has a team of trainers and a nutritionist and offers an array of group/personal training options as well as nutrition consultations to help you really get the education and personalised food plan you need to exceed further with your results in training.

They made their first order last week on the wednesday, but by the next monday THEY WERE SOLD OUT! Now they are fully stocked again but it’s amazing and humbling to see more and more are enjoying our RAWsome slices and we are more than happy to keep providing the with our goodness 🙂
You can now find our Raw Caramel Slice, Raw Lemon Slice AND our Raw Cherry Slice stocked in their fridge!

We are super impressed with Henderson Fitness and love to help small businesses out just like them.
So get around them! Make an enquiry, follow them on their social media and let’s support awesome ambitious individuals like Seb!


Instagram: @hendersonfitness